New Series: What Good is Believing?

Here begins a much-needed new chapter in this long-dormant blog, corresponding to the new series I’m kicking off in the Thinking and Believing Sunday School class at Christ UMC in Franklin, TN. Class members will know that I’ve been taking a hiatus since the summer, made necessary in large part by extra responsibilities related to my elderly parents. Those responsibilities are a bit better in hand, and for that reason I’m back in the saddle, folks!

I am by training and inclination a theologian. Since the spring of 1978, when I took my fist theology class, I’ve been in love with theology. Like all lovers, I want folks to share that love; hence, this series: “What Good is Believing?” Most folks are turned off by theology, and by the idea of Christian belief in general, because they think it’s something they have to do, that they’re supposed to do. Good Americans that we are, we don’t want anyone telling us that we have to do something, and thus we don’t like theology.

But what if theology were a joy, rather than an obligation? What if believing were something you wanted to do, rather were supposed to do? What good is believing? The short answer is that makes it more possible to love God, but only when we want to believe. Reasons to want to believe? I hope that’s what you’ll find in this series. So join us in class or in the blog; I think we’re going to have fun.

Next time: Believing vs following

Bob Ratcliff

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